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New Wave Technologies Ltd (NWT) is a leading technology solutions provider in Uganda. We focus on utilizing technology to provide means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ major business operations.

The company was founded in 2005 in Kampala, Uganda. Over the years, we have successfully delivered solutions to a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors. We have solidified our position in the spaces where we operate as a reliable and affordable service provider.

The boundlessness of technology is our motivation. Our team commands expertise in leveraging on existing internet and mobile technologies to provide cost effective and rapidly developed web and mobile applications.

We offer highly scalable and highly available problem specific solutions which enable organizations to achieve consistent high quality results.

Our strength is to view each customer as unique, with individual business goals, budget requirements, time constraints and resources. We offer choices from an array of customized solutions that best fit each business need. And we keep getting better at it.


 Our Approach is to widen our skill-set and build strong partnerships. We are a flexible technology solutions provider.
Service excellence is our number one goal and is the critical element for maintaining long-term beneficial relationships with our clients. We deliver precision thinking and relentless execution to transform or meet the client's web presence or information systems needs. We serve everyone from individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, to large enterprises and public sector customers. We have an extensive portfolio of market-leading solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer.


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